Let us attempt to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below:

Do you make websites for anyone?

Yes, we make websites pretty much for anyone as long as you are old enough and willing to pay the price.

Why should I come to you instead of creating my own site for free online?

Well, there's nothing that can stop you from creating a site on your own, given that you have the time and the knowledge required for it. But what about when you need some customization, or when you need some updates, and how do you plan to ensure your site shows up among the top few results in Google? Also, what if your audience grows and it becomes harder and harder to manage their requests? Are you going to hire freelancers to keep your site up-to-date? Do you trust sending your data over to someone out there that you may not even know of, only to make an update to your site? Think again!

How much does it cost?

It depends on what your requirements are. What kind of website do you need? A portfolio site, an e-commerce site, a site for your church, etc.? Some of the costs come from paying for databases, servers, domains, etc. The other part comes from how long it takes to create your site and get it up and running and how complex your site is.

What kind of websites can you make?

We can make sites of pretty much any kind. Here are some examples: E-commerce, Blog, Portfolio, Directories, Startups, Businesses, Non-Profits, etc. If what you need is a website, we got you covered.

How do I pay?

As of now, payment is flexible, and we may discuss your options upon seeing your request. Just fill out the contact form on this page and mention the details of the type of site you need. Get the conversation started with me, and we can discuss your needs. Either way, I will provide a quote, and we can go from there. If you decide to proceed, we take half the payment up-front and the other once the project is complete.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if you request within seven days from the date your site is live.

Will I have access to the source code?

If you want to ensure your site is kept up-to-date, it is best to allow someone knowledgeable to keep the site updated for you. However, if you need access to the actual source code, you may request so once your full payment is received, and it is at least seven days past from when your site went live (i.e. non-refundable).

What if I don't like the site you made?

If you dislike the site that was created for you or any aspects of it, you may request to do revisions on the site.